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Going "Green" is all over the news, radio and papers these days. Homes with automation have been taking advantage of a controlled environment and are already ahead of the curve. HomeSys can help you design a system that helps save money while controlling heating, air conditioning and lighting whether your home or not. You'll never have to worry if you left the lights on, and you can program heating and cooling based on your life style.

Technology should simplify your life, not complicate it. It should entertain you, keep you informed and give you more free time for the things that really matter. But how do you tie together the dozens of components scattered throughout your house and make them work for you?
Fortunately, a control system from HomeSys can do this for you. With seamless integration of your whole-house audio and video, home theater, lighting, security, and climate, HomeSys makes your advanced home technology fun, simple to use and honestly, pretty cool.
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